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Ping Pong


Canoes and Pedalos




From May to August you can do canoeing or pedaloes on the thouet, on booking. 

Pédalo et canoë

Lake of Cébron




The Lake of Cébron with an area of 180 hectares, is the largest water body of the Deux-Sèvres.

Activities: Hiking, fishing, course, windsurfing, catamaran, etc.

Walking, Horse Trek, Bike,...



There are a multitude of course that punctuate our the Thouet Valley.

Many associations organize hikes including the best-known: the Transgourgéenne(ATB/Walking), the Mem'Pamal (Mountain Biking/Walking), the Sarabande (trail), Trail Michel Fardeau, Triathlon Sud-Gâtine,...

Potholing/ Spelunking





It is possible to potholing/ spelunking in Champdeniers-Saint-Denis at St Christophe-sur-Roc and Bataillé.


Golf and Karting



Several nearby golf courses:


Mazières en Gâtine

Several karting circuits:

International circuit of the Val d'Argenton

Moutiers sous Chantemerle

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