Unique in the Department. Troglodyte village which hides an amazing site: a subterranean Dovecote, it belongs to the domain of the Clos du Bois Ménard, last Winery of the commune.

During the second world war, Tourtenay was one of the main sites of Resistance by the many airdrops organized between 1941 and 1943. Today tags in granite materialize these facts.






Montreuil Bellay is a city that integrates historical monuments including the Castle, his city walls,...





City of art and history, Thouars has different places including the castle of the Ducs of La Trémoille, the chapel Jeanne d'Arc and the Regional Center "Resistance and Freedom".


Medieval city, it has a medieval, religious and industrial heritage with for example its lime kilns.
The city is divided into three districts: the ecclesial city, to the South, the military district, to the North, and the shopping area around the halls.





Bressuire has eight historical monuments including the Chapel St-Cyprien of the tenth century or Bressuire Castle dating from the 11th century.

Castel of Monts




In Monts-sur-Guesnes, the castle of Monts, end of the fifteenth century has a Gothic style.
A history course is possible to discover in the village.


Saint Jouin de Marnes




Small french village, Natura 2000 area with his Romanesque church, built in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

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Argenton Les Vallées




Argenton Les Vallées have different attractions: the Romanesque portal of the Church Saint-Gilles, the remains of the Castle fortified of Philippe de Commynes, his water body of six hectares, etc.




Parthenay is an ancient fortified town.

Each July, Parthenay hosts the Festival Ludique International de Parthenay, otherwise known as the Festival de Jeux or FLIP, in which the town's streets and squares are filled with games of many types.

The shorter indoor FLIP d'hiver runs in November.

Castel of Oiron



The castel houses the collection of contemporary art Curios & Mirabilia.
Open every day





Gourgé has a heritage historical which his Church is one of the oldest in France.
As well as the archaeological site that reveals a presence of inhabitants of the prehistoric and Gallo-Roman site of 30 hectares.

Castel of St Mesmin




Medieval fortress with medieval daily entertainment in July and August with workshops for children and adults.
Visit guided or free.

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Moncontour is dominated by his 11th century Dungeon.
The Dungeon is open all year.
Moncontour has a lake where water sports are possible such as wakeboard.





The Dungeon is the emblematic monument of Niort. The city also maintains villas and facades of Art Nouveau inspiration. Contemporary art is found in the streets with graffiti and murals by international artists.




Castel of Coudray Salbart




French Castle of the XII century, classified historic Monument.
Considered the fortified castle, the best preserved of France and England.

Castel of Berrye




Located on the Wine Route at Berrie.
Berrye Castle and its fortress of the 12th century with its medieval and Renaissance buildings.
Open all the year.


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